Our Story

Create products that are benchmarks of style, quality and wearability.

How it all started

Our journey started with a pair of badly-fitted jeans. Founder of Underguns, Abdul Rehman Talat, always had trouble finding that one ‘perfect’ pair of jeans. Disappointed and frustrated, he went out to seek the right weave, fabric, cut, and wash that defined quality and exclusivity.

In his quest, he went to great lengths learning everything there was to know about fabric, stitching and design. After extensive research and training, Underguns was born. A brand that aims to become the singular voice of trendsetters and connoisseurs. Following his lead, Underguns recognizes that there are humans behind the clothes we make. Underguns was made to disrupt the market by giving our customers what they’ve always wanted; the perfect choice every time!

Who we’re here for

The trendsetters, expressors and harbingers of change, you are people with passion. You are adamant that you can do everything and are passionate about living the best life. Singular, expressive, quirky and original, you want it all!

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