Autumn Wardrobe Essentials for Men - Fall 2023 Men’s LookBook

Autumn Wardrobe Essentials for Men - Fall 2023 Men’s LookBook

Most of the men’s fall fashion is layers and a lot of them! Whether it’s for your chest or bottoms, autumn is all about layering.

Autumn season is not as straightforward as summer or winter. It demands something stylish yet equally cozy for comfort.

For what to layer and choosing the best type of clothing, Under Gun is here to help you out. Our guide is simple, versatile, and something you won’t need to break the bank for. In fact, some of the enlisted things may already be in your wardrobe. Let’s have a look!

Autumn Wardrobe Essentials for Men 

You don’t need to buy expensive runway items to look the best this autumn. All you need is the right information about the right products and of course, the right styling tips. There’s much to cover. So, let’s get started!

  • Hoodies

Keep the chilly winds of autumn at bay with classical hoodies as your go-to outfit. The fleece material, full sleeves, and a comfy hood serve as the best fall clothing.

You can use it as a standalone in mid-cool days and layer it over your flannel shirt when the winter winds arrive. For fashion days, choose a stylish green or blue hoodie with denim jeans. Choose neutral hues with sweatpants for morning walks or casual fall outings.

Black hoodies for men are the favorite of many Pakistanis. The allure of black color is unlike any other. It suits people with different skin types and facial features. Plus, the opportunity to get a customized Under Gun one with meaningful text is a plus point.

  • Tracksuit

One of the most versatile autumn clothing items, a men’s tracksuit is everything in one piece. From sports garments to lounge wear and protection from cold weather conditions, this pair of comfy trousers and jacket will get you through thick and thin!  

It is an essential athleisure for your gym and sports activities. When the temperature rises too much, you can open the zipper or take it off altogether. The comfortable fabric allows easy movement. Also, its moisture-wicking properties keep you sweat-free during exercise.

The other spectrum of versatility takes it through the lounging. It is an excellent piece to wear for your morning rituals, coming home from work, or for a lazy Sunday evening. The Under Guns tracksuit for men deems even fit for casual get-togethers with friends.  

  • Denim Jeans and Jacket 

Although men’s denim jeans are all-season essentials, it is best suited for fall. Paired with a denim jacket it completes the look.

Denim material provides enough coverage and breathability to get you through this mid-season. the variety of styles for jeans can be suited for men of different body types.

Denim jeans look good with everything but can look even better with the right pairing. So, what’s the right pairing? A flannel shirt, t-shirt, blazer, or cozy hoodie makes the perfect partner. Suit up and go all in!

  • Long Boots

Who said long boots are just for women? They are equally stylish and a comfy addition to a man’s autumn wardrobe.

It is one of the articles that quickly transforms your look into a cozy one. The coverage of your ankle and beyond keeps the cold winds away while still keeping you active. You can wear these beneath skinny jeans and top them up with a leather jacket for a sophisticated appearance. In Pakistan, the daytime autumn winds are not too strong. So, this look is ideal for morning errands or an evening activity.    

  • Flannel Shirt

A pure autumn staple, a flannel shirt is something not to miss. This versatile piece seamlessly combines comfort and style. The soft, warm fabric makes it perfect for the slightly chilly days of fall. 

These casual shirts for men come in a variety of colors and patterns, ranging from traditional plaids to modern prints. The checkered ones are the most common and a favorite of young boys. They can be worn alone or layered with a T-shirt or lightweight sweater. Pair a flannel shirt with jeans and long boots for a relaxed yet trendy look. 

  • Leather Jacket

As soon as you feel those first autumn winds, know that it's time to get that leather jacket out. No autumn wardrobe is complete without a classic leather jacket!

This iconic piece of clothing is the epitome of style and charisma. The classic brown color is hard to miss but black, maroon, and green have become equally popular in recent years. 

Biker, bomber, or racer jackets are some of its further style categories. As far as the pairing goes, well, we believe it adds charm to whatever you pair it with. Be it denim jeans, chinos, a button-down formal shirt, or a classic white t-shirt for men, the versatility is unmatched. Go biking or come home after a long day at work, do everything in style with a leather jacket! 

  • Lightweight Scarf/Muffler 

Add a functional accessory to your autumn wardrobe as a scarf or muffler. It is the one removable clothing article to add warmth and sophistication to your outfit within minutes.

Go for wool or cashmere scarves for a luxurious yet cozy feel. Men prefer blacks and darker tones as they can be paired with almost any outfit. Still, a bold patterned one can add a statement on days you feel extra energetic. 

  • Overcoat or Blazer

When the chill becomes difficult to ignore, wrap an overcoat around it!

Blazers or overcoats are the definition of refined style. They quickly add a rich feeling to your outfit all while keeping the winds away. A classic color like charcoal or camel may be your primary choice, but we equally love checkered prints. Definitely a must-have for formal occasions during the fall season! 

Under Gun’s Sizzling Collection for Autumn 

When making your fall wardrobe, choose Under Guns as your shopping partner. We at Under Guns aim to provide our customers with the best clothing experience. For this, we keep an eye out for all the latest trends to bring them home to you. Get ready for a stylish autumn with the Under Guns collection of cozy hoodies, tracksuits, men’s shirts, and bottoms!

If our customers wish to buy men's hoodies or tracksuits, we make sure that a large variety of colors is available. From blue to black or green, or white, you will get it here. We also have men’s hoodies sale to shop at discounted rates. Embrace the colors of autumn with Under Guns and show your fashion side!

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