11 Fashion Mistakes Every Man Should Avoid at All Costs

11 Fashion Mistakes Every Man Should Avoid at All Costs

The fashion world is vast, but it’s not equally vast for men. Males have fewer choices of clothing and that’s exactly why they need a mindful fashion sense. A small mistake can break their whole look into nothingness.

It most often happens that our style sense improves just by removing the awkward mistakes. Today, let’s learn about these oh-so-common dressing fails. Put your learning foot forward and take a plunge into the world of euphoria where no mistakes are allowed: The Under Guns’ men’s fashion guide!

Why Should Men Dress Well?

Dressing up has been a personality trait for centuries. Both men and women benefit from it equally. Looking good and confidence are interrelated. Once you dress well, you will feel your self-esteem boosting automatically. Don’t forget, staying organized and hygienic is better for your physical health too.

Looking at it from a professional point of view, dressing sense is the direct measure of your authority and professionalism. Want to make a solid first impression for a job interview or a client meeting? Dress up at your best. People who don’t know you yet will surely judge you based on your dress and body language. Win their heart already with a flawless style.

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Common Fashion Mistakes Every Man Must Avoid 

Fashion is not as common among men as in women. Males surely pay attention to good quality clothes, but that’s not equal to looking good. How you carry yourself, match outfits, and show up to a place decides your fashion language.

  1. Blindly Following Trends 

Not all trends are for all people. For example, the trend of getting eyebrow cuts did not suit every person. Boys with naturally light brows or businessmen were the worst candidates for this trend.

Similarly, wearing Graphic T shirt and pop colors does not fit every personality. Even if it did, you will have to pair it correctly to look nice. An overall dark pink outfit can damage your workplace impression.

  1. Dressing The Same All Year

Summer and winter clothing are different, and so are their dressing requirements. Layering is a top choice for winter, and blazers and jackets are the main agents for this.

Also, seasons impact the color theory. Dark and deep colors like black, grey, and brown are the peak winter colors as they represent coziness and depth. Light, carefree colors like light pink, parrot, and yellow are best for summer and spring freshness.  

  1. Accessorizing Too Much, Or Not at All

Boys have a pretty complex relationship with accessories. Watches suit almost 90% of the population, but still, it has to be the right watch category for your outfit. Plastic strap watches are nowhere near to a gentlemanly look.

Ties and studs are only good for formal meetings and dinners.

  1. Not Considering Occasion 

You can’t wear shorts to a business meeting at all! No debate.

Similarly, you can’t embark on a friend’s trip to a hill station wearing a suit. Considering the occasion is important to look like the best person in the room. If you can’t decide between formals and casuals, learn about semi-casual dressing and master it.

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  1. Wrong Size for Your Body 

It’s a common mistake that most men don’t even bother. Fit is the first step to looking good; that’s the end of the debate.

No matter how expensive a suit you buy, you will look homeless if it doesn’t fit you. There can be a whole long article written on size and fit. The clothes you wear should not look baggy or too tight. It will take away your whole personality.

Know your size and always go through a fitting guide when buying different garments. Shop the best men’s shirts in Pakistan per your body type. Can’t find the perfect fit? Make your tailor your best friend!  

  1. Playing Color and Patterns Wrong

Knowing color combinations and hues that suit your skin is essential. Pink or green colors dull the personality of people with dark or dusky skin. Similarly, a beige-colored tie with bright blue is one of the worst combinations no matter your skin color. 

Another thing you can do wrong is wear shirts with big logos. Mismatching patterns in shirts, blazers, and bottoms is also a pretty basic dressing mistake. 

  1. Layering Faults  

Layering is not something every person gets on the first try. It requires practice, learning, and experience.

If you feel you don’t have a grasp of it yet, don’t use the layering technique. Preventing it altogether is better than wearing a black sweater under a blue cardigan.

  1. Wearing Socks Under Everything

Men’s shoes mostly go well with socks. That’s why most men wear it under every dress. Wearing the wrong socks or under the wrong shoes can be a huge blunder on your part. Wear white tennis socks only for sports activities. For formal events, settle on dark-colored plain or oxford socks. Keep this garment away when wearing flip-flops, sandals, or even casual loafers.   

  1. Limiting Your Wardrobe 

Men think their clothing options are limited. Although they are, but not as much as we think.

There is a myriad of shirt types, including oxford, polo shirts, crew-neck, checkered, Henley, and many more. All these men’s shirt styles come in various colors and patterns, further expanding the styling options. Don’t settle for a limited wardrobe.

You can read our comprehensive blog on this topic: Styling Tips for Men - How to Rock Different Clothing Articles

  1. Gel – Or No Gel? 

No, it’s not rocket science. But still, most men don’t seem to decide how much gel is too much.

Let’s break it for you in simplest words: Your hair should not look shiny! Hair gels give a natural shine to the hair along with keeping them in place. Use enough gel to keep them in place, don’t go overboard with it. You are going to break your whole look!

  1. Breaking Your Impression with the Wrong Perfume 

Men usually have two roads with perfumes: either using too less or too much of it.

Not using any scent, especially during hot days, is straight-away BAD. There’s a chance your body may smell from sweating. So, it’s a must for summer.

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The other extreme is using too much cologne. Well, that’s pretty bad too. Your strong impression may break in a second when a person stands close to you, and you are full of scent! Take our advice, find your signature scent, and stay in the middle ground with it.

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At last, it all falls down to minimizing the faults, and your personality will start shining. Shop quality men’s garments in Pakistan at affordable rates to look the best wherever you go. Either formal or casual, get the perfect shirts for men and classy denim.

At Under Guns, we value quality and sophistication. That’s what you will find in our variety of men’s collections. Shirts, bottoms, and innerwear are all made with the best fabrics to ensure you look the best version of yourself!

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