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The Perfect Fit: A Guide to Choosing the Right Men's T-Shirt Size

Investing in a quality wardrobe item that you’ll use every day must be well thought out. You can just pick random plain T-shirts and hope they will fit you. Also, trying every shirt to see which one fits you the best is not a smart thing to do.

The only right thing to do here is to know what is exactly your size. It will make your life much easier, plus, you will be able to do men’s t-shirts online shopping as well! So, let’s see how you can measure what fits you the best.

Taking Measurements for Men’s T-Shirt Size

If you have been wearing the same shirt size but it never fit, it may be possible that your size has changed, or it was never right. This calls for measuring your neck, waist, chest, and sleeve length from the start. Use a soft measuring tape for these body measurements. 

  • Neck Measurements

Most people neglect it, but neck size is an important factor in determining the right shirt. If your body is fit in a shirt but you feel very uncomfortable with the neckline or collar, it’s a size fail. 

While measuring your neck size, make sure you leave room for comfort. You can get your neck size by wrapping the tape around it. Place one end of the tape, wrap it around the neck, and mark the value where the tape meets the starting point. Slide in a finger or two under the tape as a flexible space for comfort.

Most branded t-shirts have different sizes for neck or collar, so always check the size guide before purchasing.  

  • Sleeve Size

Don’t count your arm length as your sleeve size. To get the right measurement, place one end of the tape on the highest point at your shoulder. Run it downwards straight to the wrist. This is the full sleeve length of your shirt. If you want a different sleeve size (a little shorter), end the measurement accordingly. 

Measure the length of the other arm similarly. If there is any difference between the two sizes, consider the longer one. This is because you can always cut out extra fabric if it comes longer, but you can’t increase the sleeve length once it falls short.   

  • Chest Size

Wrap the measuring tape around your chest, starting from the highest point. This should involve the shoulder blades and the nipple area. You may need another person to assist you in taking the chest measurements. Make sure your lungs are relaxed while you take the size and you are not holding your breath.  

  • Waist Size

When buying t-shirts online, knowing your waist size is important. To measure it accurately, wrap the tape around your waist one inch below the belly button. Place one finger between your body and the tape to get an accurate size. Make sure you are not holding any breath. 

Once you know your measurements, use these values to buy branded t-shirts next time. No matter the style or type of the t-shirts, use these same sizes as you measured.

Choosing a T-Shirt per the Style

Apart from your size, tee style also matters a lot in how fit it will look on your body. Selecting a t-shirt based on its type is solely dependent on your style preferences and how a certain one looks on your body.

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  • Baggy Style

Baggy t-shirts are usually ideal for heavy, plus-sized bodies. However, they suit all body sizes. You don’t actually have to measure each and every inch in this fit. As baggy shirts are meant to be loose, you won’t get one with the exact measurement.

  • Slim Fit 

 As the name suggests, slim-fit shirts are supposed to be slim and fit. They usually stay close to your body, showing your perfect figure. The fit is stretchable and shapes itself with most body types.

  • Classic 

In between the baggy and the slim fit lies the classic fit. It is not very loose or too tight to hug your body. A classical fit is what most men prefer who know their exact body sizes. The classic fit looks best with plain T-shirts.


To conclude, we will just say that t-shirt sizes are an important factor if you want your closet to shine with stylish articles. You can know your size by taking neck, sleeve, chest, and waist measurements. Apart from size, the fabric type and the style of the shirt also matter.

So, make sure you go through all these things, especially the size chart while doing online shopping for men’s t-shirts. Ultimately, the most important thing is to choose a T-shirt that you feel comfortable and confident in.

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