Men’s Shirts That Go Best with Jeans – 5 Style Ideas

Men’s Shirts That Go Best with Jeans – 5 Style Ideas

Men, it’s time to go beyond your usual denim and shirt combo. It’s the era of new semi-formals!

One thing that makes a man attractive is effort, either in professional life or in fashion. Today, we are going to talk about elevating your denim look with a little thought into dressing. Whether you're dressing up for a night out or going for a casual hangout, pairing the right shirt is the answer to a spicy look. 

Without wasting another minute, let’s explore the world of men's shirts that complement jeans and how to pair them perfectly.

What Colors Go Best with Jeans 

One of the traits of denim jeans for men is versatility. It looks best with most of the colors. From neutrals to overall prints, denim can be the partner to anything in your wardrobe. The limit is your imagination.

However, some colors white, black, and maroon look best with blue jeans. For black, go for lighter shades like pastel green or beige. You can also have an overall black look with black jeans and a black button-down shirt.

5 Best Shirts to Wear with Men’s Jeans 

The shirt choice matters a lot in building the right outfit. With jeans, most shirts pair fine. Well, at least they don’t look as ‘bad’ as with chinos or shorts. Make every denim outfit picture-perfect with these five shirts.

  1. Dress Shirt

One shirt that every man has in his wardrobe is a dress shirt. It’s a versatile choice that you can wear both up and down. Pair a light-colored button-down shirt with dark-hued jeans. This look will give you a refined appearance that you can rock at business events too.

Rolling up the sleeves will add fire to your look. It will surely make the ladies drool over. Undo the first button and untuck your shirt. Now you are ready for a boys’ road trip while still looking classy.  

You can also pair an oxford shirt and denim jeans with this dressing style guide. Opt for a slim-fit shirt for a modern appeal or a relaxed fit for a laid-back vibe.

  1. T-Shirts 

Basics of casual vibe: nothing can beat the aura of a men’s t-shirt

The tees and jeans combination can never go wrong. Although it's a prime casual outfit, you can modify it to suit different occasions. For instance, grab a maroon blazer on top of a white t-shirt, with white jeans and loafers, and boom! You look nothing less than a billionaire!

Henley t-shirt is a sub-category with little modifications. It comes with a round neckline, just like a regular t-shirt, along with a buttoned placket that makes it stand out. Henley shirt makes a perfect, more dressed-up look when paired with slim-fit jeans for a balanced silhouette. Another variety is a graphic t-shirt, but it can’t work for formal affairs.  

  1. Denim/ Chambray Shirt

Add fire to the event with your sizzling denim-on-denim look!

Chambray and denim are the ideal tops for this look. Many people may not realize it, but these two shirts are a lot different. Chambray has a denim-like appearance, but it’s not really denim. Also, it’s lightweight and shiny. No matter which one you choose, it’s enough to give you a rugged charm. Rock this overall denim look at outdoor gatherings and weekend activities.

If you are not a fan of the overall look, You can also make a contrasting look by choosing a light-colored shirt with darker denim jeans pants.

  1. Polo Shirt

Strike the balance between casual and formal with a polo and denim combination. This adds a touch of sophistication while still keeping you relaxed.

The best polos are plain ones paired with classic blue jeans. Polo shirts in darker hues are not a great go-to option. Make sure you NEVER opt for skinny jeans with polos, at least not with plain ones.

  1. Jackets and Blazers 

Not really a type of shirt, but blazers are not to miss when trying to create a perfect look with jeans. Match the inside shirt with the denim’s color. Choose a blazer of contrasting color.

Let’s create a look for reference. Grab a white t-shirt and match a white denim for bottoms. For a blazer or coat, go for a darker color like maroon or navy blue and similar-colored shoes. It’s a hard-to-miss look, so be ready for double-takes!    

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Denim jeans are a must-have staple for every man (and woman also!). Its versatility fits individuals of every size, shape, and style sense. However, this feature is also the reason most men don’t hesitate wearing it with literally everything.

There’s a style guide for styling denim. Some shirts look better with it than others, you just need to know which ones. We hope this Under Gun’s style guide cleared all your questions about denim and its pairings. Don’t hesitate to add a touch of your personal style to give it a natural touch. If you can’t seem to find these perfect men’s shirts, Under Guns’ is always stocked up with your favorite outfits!


Which shirt is better with blue jeans?

A classic white t-shirt or button-down shirt is the partner for your blue denim jeans. The white stitches in jeans complement the white shirt on top. Other shirt options are similarly light, pastel colors to give you a neat look. A black formal shirt may be a good choice for serious events.  

Which Color jeans suit on all tops?

Hands down, no other color can compete with blue jeans in versatility. It may be the only denim that goes with all kinds and colors of tops. Black denim is the runner-up, matching with many men’s shirts.   

Should I wear a dress shirt with jeans tucked or untucked? 

As a general fact, dress shirts are meant to be tucked in. But wait, we are talking about jeans here. As denim jeans are mostly for casual events, leaving your dress shirt untucked is the way to go. However, if you want to create a formal or semi-formal look, better to tuck it in. 


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