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Jeans for Every Body Type: Finding the Right Fit for You

It may have happened many times that a pair of jeans you thought will look awesome ends up lowering your self-esteem. You’re not alone, it happens to everybody! Don’t let a pair of pants make you hate your body.

So, what does this happen? The answer is simple. Those denim pants for men were not for your body. Some other pairs will make you feel like a gentleman simply because they suit your body type. If you don’t know how to identify what your body needs, this article is here to help.  

How to Find the Right Jeans for Your Body? 

It requires knowledge of fashion, your body type, and what you want to look like.  

We understand that buying denim jeans online makes it more difficult to find the right pair. You can’t try out the product to see how it looks on you. Therefore, always buy from a reputable online company. Besides, keep these tips in mind when doing denim pants online shopping:

  • Take time to read the product description and specifications thoroughly
  • Look for customer reviews and read what they have to say
  • Measure your waist, hip, and the total length between your ankle and waist
  • Check out the size guide for each product
  • Filter out the colors you don’t want to buy
  • Don’t second-guess a style into buying that doesn’t look good on you

denim jeans for mens

Denim Pants for Men With Different Bodies:

Slim Men:

Men with rectangular body types, or what we commonly call as slim, are thin from top to bottom. Their shoulders are not very broad and so do the hips. Such men have slender legs that look too thin in fitted trousers.

For thin men, the best type of jeans is a straight-leg or slim-fit one.

What to avoid? 

Men with slender bodies must avoid tight clothes that make their thin bodies visible. It means that skinny jeans are a big no for rectangular body types. Moreover, baggy jeans will look too loose or too oversized on such bodies. So, better to avoid them also.

Men with Athletic Bodies:

Athletes or men who go to the gym have muscular bodies. Their arms, legs, and buttocks are usually muscular and well-built. Such perfect bodies must select jeans that enhance their features.

For gym-inclined bodies, we prefer straight, skinny, or slim-fit men's denim pants. Such styles will perfectly fit these bodies meanwhile enhance the legs' muscles. After all, why hide the success of all the endurance training?

What to Avoid? 

Baggy jeans are not for athletic bodies. You will have to buy a large size for your leg muscles. In turn, it will make your lower half look a lot bigger than the upper half. Similarly, wide legs are better avoided.

Men with Wider Hips:

Typically, soccer players have wider hips compared to the wait and lower legs. They require denim pants for men with equal width from top to bottom. Straight-legged jeans will look good on them. If they feel stretched while sitting, consider getting one size bigger. Besides, a loose or baggy fit may also be the best jeans for men with wider hips.  

What to Avoid? 

Such body types may look a bit feminine or fat in a skinny pair. Also, whatever pair you choose, don’t go for a low-rise fit. It won’t cover your hips perfectly.

Men With a Plus-sized Waist:

These people have larger waist areas, along with bigger hips and abdomen. They usually avoid jeans thinking that it doesn’t suit their bodies. In reality, they can also look like a boss in the right denim type.  

Relaxed jeans, baggy, or straight jeans with wide legs are best suited for these body types. These products will create a balance between their upper and lower body, making everything look even.

What to Avoid?

As these men usually have skinny lower leg areas, avoid wearing skinny or tight pants. It will make their upper body look a lot bigger than their lower body.

Take Home Message:

Humans have varied body types just like their faces. If your dress doesn’t make you feel confident, you have to change its style. Denim pants for men come in different categories, colors, and styles. With the right choice, you can start a fashion statement. Know your body type and use this guide to select the ideal product when doing denim pants online shopping.
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