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Winter Outfits Design That will Keep You Warm & Stylish

Winter is officially here! And so are the latest winter clothes that will make you stay on top of the trends. As you know winter trends keep changing with a little tweak in the old styles here and there, Under Guns has the styles that will keep you on top of your fashion game every season!

Boys don’t shop much but when they do, it has to be meaningful and classy shopping and classy! If you are a firm believer in good shopping then read on because in this article we are going to enlighten you about the latest winter styles that will keep you warm and stylish!

Hoodies Remain Constant But With Some Color!

Men are great fans of hoodies and we believe that it is for all the right reasons! Fleece hoodies don’t only look smooth and classy but also keep you warm to the head! The front pockets are the best thing in winter because they let you keep your hands warm and store your cell phone for you when you don’t wish to hold it. Isn’t that a jackpot for winter dressing?

There are two types of hoodies, one that comes with the zip and the other is the pullon hoodie which comes without the zip. Both options are great depending on what style you wish to carry. You can buy hoodies for men online in Pakistan from Under Guns. You will find a large variation in their colors. The men’s hoodies for sale here come in blues, reds, rust, yellow, and many other unique colors.

Baseball Jackets With Collar Tipping!

Baseball jackets look amazing when worn with a pair of denim! Baseball jackets not only represent class but are also very convenient to wear. Just like custom-branded hoodies, baseball jackets have buttoned-down styles and front pockets. You can wear them open or buttoned up depending on what style you’re opting for. The trend that is hot this season involves some tipping on the collars of baseball jackets.

Chinos Pants With Front Pockets:

Chinos never run out of style! You may observe a change in the fits that are trending in chinos but the design and fabric are a must-have every season. If you’re shopping from Under Guns, you will find chinos in different shades and colors. They come with both cross and bone front pockets. Since both are trending you can choose the one you like.

Drop in the Denims:

Denim jeans are everyone’s favorites! So the good news this season is that denims are still trending whether it’s in jacket form or jeans. Denims trend mostly because they are convenient to pair with most outfits for men. The best casual look can be achieved with just a pair of denims paired with custom branded hoodies or even just a plain simple jumper!

Mostly what you need to look for in the trend is the fit of the denim that is trending. These days, you can either go for skinny jeans or straight-fit denim jeans depending on what suits your body shape more. Healthier people tend to wear straight-fit jeans or baggy ones so it totally depends on what looks good on your body shape.

Polo Shirts With Jackets:

If there is one thing that looks classic wherever you go, it’s a polo shirt! Many people tend to buy hoodies online in Pakistan and not Polo shirts because they get confused with the sizing and fit. Polos are for everyone. Their sleek design makes you look uber cool and all you need to do is find the right collar and shoulder size for the polo to fit perfectly. Most Polo shirts are made in pique material which lies sleek against your skin.

If you’re shopping from Under Guns, you will find a whole size chart through which you can select the best size for yourself and buy your polo shirts. Their collection of polo shirts is big and it has polo shirts in really cool colors.

Dress Shirts With Variations in Collars:

For men, dress shirts have always been a sophisticated dressing item and you will always see men wearing dress shirts at formal gatherings. This is why they never run out of style. However, the different collar styles of a shirt can determine how trending that shirt is. You will find dress shirts in different collar styles at Under Guns.

Some collars are ban collars while others are folded and one patch collars. The collars you choose can depend on your taste and comfort levels. Apart from this, you can also amp up your fashion game by choosing different and unique colors in dress shirts. There is a wide range from pastels to some brighter colors which you can choose from to pair with a nice pair of jeans or chinos.

These were some of the trending winter styles that you can shop for this winter season.

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