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What To Wear To The Airport – Travel Outfit Ideas for Men

Yay, you’re going on a trip! 

We know for a fact that you have already packed what you want to be seen at your destination. Beach, club, and road trip outfits packed to perfection. But what about the airport in and out? Shouldn’t your style strategy shine there too? 

It must, surely! If you are looking for the coolest inspiration to dress up for the airport, Under Guns has curated this list so you can steal your look for the day. Let’s dive straight into the best airport looks for men in 2023.

  1. The Forever Casual Look 

The go-to casual look might be the most common style you see at the airport. It’s also the favorite of many people, especially those who get tired of dressing up formally every day. The combination delivers a laid-back look, full of comfort.  

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The classy casual involves relaxed-fit tops and bottoms. Start with a pair of straight denim jeans or chino pants in a medium-dark tone. On top, grab one of your favorite comfy t-shirts. Give priority to a crew neck or a V-neck one with neutral colors. 

For summers, layer it up with a lightweight checkered shirt, unbuttoned. Replace it with a jacket or cardigan for colder days. Sneakers or loafers make the perfect shoe options.   

  1. The Business Traveler Attire 

If you are traveling for work or business, this should be your style option. Working travelers should show up to the airport in semi-casual to formal attire, still keeping comfort in focus. 

Opt for classy chino pants with a relaxed fit. Khaki, olive, and similarly dull colors are the perfect options. Press a dress shirt till it looks crispy, or simply embellish it with one of the neat polo shirts for a more comfortable journey. A well-fitted blazer will add luxury to the look if the weather allows.  

  1. The Comfy Athleisure 

The perfect combo of style and ease, this is the favorite look of most celebrities. The athleisure trend has ease-out the struggle of airport ensembles for many people. As the name indicates, this look gives an athletic vibe to active individuals. 

Men's Hoodie

Start with a pair of quality track pants for men and move toward choosing a stretchy t-shirt. A relaxed-fit polo shirt is another option for a more sophisticated look. Top it off with a hoodie or a bomber jacket and add the finishing touches with comfy joggers.  

  1. The Chic Travel Look

When going to a luxurious location or a fashion scene, it’s better you style trendy. This is what the chic look is all about. It’s made to leave a lasting impression on everyone who sees you in and out of the airport. 

The look basics involve a well-fitted button-down shirt in a unique style. However, a plain black casual shirt is the first thing we prefer here. Choose well-fitted, tailored shorts to complete this style with a bang. Lightweight trousers made of a breathable fabric can be used as the other option. No shoes can pair better than sneakers for this travel chic look. 

  1. Travel Accessories On-The-Go

The ideal items in this list include sunglasses, a hat, a classical watch, bags, and sometimes, scarves. For bags, we prefer a duffel bag for its vast space and easy-to-carry design. 

Sunglasses are crucial, both for style and protection against UV. Most people may overlook them, but scarves are essential to have a fashionable look. They frame your face for a perfect appearance and give a sophisticated vibe. Keep a pair of comfy socks for travel coziness. 

What Not to Pick as an Airport Outfit

Some people may make you believe you can wear anything to the airport. Well, that’s not really true. There are definitely some things in your wardrobe we hope you avoid. 

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Constricting Clothes – Anything that is too tight for your body to be in it for hours should be avoided at all costs. Tight waistbands, strict-fitted shirts, and non-stretchable fabrics are a few in this category. 

Bulky Items – Even if it’s cold, avoid bulky and puffy jackets that take up too much space. Choose thin and warm layering items that are easy to sit in. 

Flats or High-Heel Boots – Flats can break your whole travel look. Moreover, they come with a risk of tripping or falling. Similarly, high-heeled boots for men can be too congested and uncomfortable. 

Key Takeaways 

The airport is a hub for meeting people from all walks of life. While you are excited to reach your destination, you must keep your fashion foot forward. The best travel look is the one that strikes a balance between style and comfort. Denim jeans, t shirts, and polo shirts are the most popular airport articles. However, the exception may arise for a business tour. In that case, Under Guns recommend keeping extra clothes for layering and relaxation. 

Looking for the best travel outfits for your next big adventure? Under Guns is the brand to see. Our online store is bustling with travel-friendly, comfortable, and lightweight clothes with unique styles. So, embark on your journey looking for your best self!

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