Under Guns: A Tale of Quality & Style

Under Guns: A Tale of Quality & Style

Looking for a new pair of jeans that defines your true style? You have landed at the right place. Under Guns understands all your trendy concerns and thus offers you what you exactly want. We are offering jeans which are available in all colors; stylish and modish. They are designed in such a way that they perfectly hold on to the genuine shape of your waist and legs. In addition, they are super comfortable and capable of maintaining an elegant and stylish look.

The Story Behind

For the longest time, brands in Pakistan have been getting away by doing the bare minimum in terms of fashion. The same designs and same architecture going on for decades.

It all started to change when fashion became global. The consumer, majorly the youth, wanted to feel good about what they were wearing, they wanted to use fashion as a way to express themselves and while a few outlets rose to the occasion, there has always been a choice. Fashion or quality.

We realized that the crux of fashion is quality. Our customers needed a fashionable option, but one they could also trust with their eyes closed, in terms of the quality of the garments.  So, we’re looking to do what no one else has done. Add actual value to our customer's life by providing them garments that make clothing a pleasant, worthwhile experience while ensuring that they stay trendy & fashionable.

Our journey started with a pair of badly-fitted jeans. Founder of Under Guns, Abdul Rehman Talat, always had trouble finding that one ‘perfect’ pair of jeans. Disappointed and frustrated, he went out to seek the right weave, fabric, cut, and wash that defined quality and exclusivity.

In his quest, he went to great lengths learning everything there was to know about fabric, stitching, and design. After extensive research and training, Under Guns was born. A brand that aims to become the singular voice of trendsetters and connoisseurs. Following his lead, Under Guns recognizes that there are humans behind the clothes we make. Under Guns was made to disrupt the market by giving our customers what they’ve always wanted; the perfect choice every time!

What the Future Holds?

We have a lot in store for you, the offerings increasing as we go!

Upcoming Products

The upcoming products that will be introduced to our customers soon have two distinct categories: Essentials and Fashion. These two categories will have a wide range of product offerings for our audience.

Largest Range

Under Guns will offer a great deal of products to its customers soon. The products that will fall under the umbrella of the fashion category are hoodies, jackets, joggers, loungewear, polos, shorts, shirts, sweatshirts, tees, and trousers. In addition, products under the essential category would include t-shirts, briefs, and boxers.


We will soon be titled as a comprehensive store offering a wide range of product categories to its customers all under one roof. Our website will save your search cost and effort as it will include everything you need, reflecting a true picture of convenience!

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