Summer Style Shorts for Men

Summer Style: Embracing the Comfort and Versatility of Shorts for Men

Hearing the word ‘summer’ reminds us of two things; fashion and scorching heat. Here, the goal becomes to get the best of both worlds; stylish clothes that keep the body cool. Shorts perfectly fit this description.

Shorts for men are the ultimate summer fashion garments. They offer a blend of comfort and versatility all while keeping you moving in the heat of the day. This wardrobe staple is, no doubt, the king of summer fashion. Let’s learn more about the things that make men’s shorts worth the investment.

Men’s Shorts Trends and Materials 

This bottom type has always been trendy since it became known in the early 20th century. First common as military and sports uniforms later became casual men’s clothing. Now, you can find men’s shorts in several prints, colors, and designs, with cargo and chino shorts the most popular nowadays.  

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Chino and cotton shorts are the best summer trends nowadays. These materials are airy and, therefore, the favorite of most buyers. Today, you can even buy shorts for men online and find hundreds of styles and fabric options to choose from. 

Why are Shorts the Ultimate Men’s Summer Staple? 

Contrary to what’s apparent, shorts are not only popular for keeping half your legs exposed. There is so much more to this clothing article.

  • They are Comfortable

Comfort should always be the priority when buying garments, especially for summer.

Shorts stand out as the best comfortable garment choice for sunny days. Jeans and trousers can trap heat within your legs, making them sweaty. Shorts’ small size, on the other hand, allow your legs to breathe and help regulate your body temperature.

Moreover, the cotton shorts for men and tailored stitching make this bottom breathable. This keeps air passing through your skin, providing you the utmost level of comfort.

  • They are Trendy

The 21st century is all about making fashion choices that keep your body comfortable. Therefore, shorts make their place among the trendiest fashion pieces.

The light fabric and breathable characteristics of shorts make them comfortable and thus trendy. Even the notion that gentlemen don’t wear shorts doesn’t exist anymore. Now you can buy men’s shorts online at almost every reputable clothing brand.

  • They are Versatile

One of the best things about shorts is that they look good with most men’s tops. These come in various styles, making them suitable for almost any occasion. You can tune your pairing to match your shorts with the event. From laid-back casual to semi-formal, there's a pair of shorts for every setting.

Styling Your Shorts for Summer Fashion

Shorts are undoubtedly versatile, still, they need proper styling to look dashing. To help you out, we have prepared all the information you need to style this trendy article.  

  • Choosing the Right Fit

Before we jump to color combinations and pairing, you need to find the right shorts fit for your body. The classic fit suits most body types and falls just above the knees. It is not too tight to be uncomfortable yet not too loose to spare its charm.

You can go for a baggy fit if you have a large stature or bulky hip and thigh area. Similarly, a slim fit is ideal for men with slender bodies.

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  • Shorts Styles and Patterns

Summer is all about looking lively with vibrant colors and playful patterns. Choose bold and pop colors like neon, yellow, and sky, or go for tropical prints for summer outdoor activities. Ensure you pair these bold styles with a plain or pastel top.

Nevertheless, classic colors like navy, khaki, and olive are timeless and will look elegant on all occasions. Choose them for formal to semi-casual affairs.

  • Pairing 

As we said, you can match a variety of tops with shorts for men. It primarily depends on the occasion and the short's style. T-shirts or casual shirts, half-sleeve shirts will look excellent for relaxed activities. An Oxford or polo shirt with khaki shorts will magically enhance your aura on a semi-casual meeting.  

As for footwear, go for flip-flops or sandals for outdoor activities like beach picnics. If you are wearing chino shorts, choose loafers or boat shoes.  

Take Away 

Shorts are the best summer buddy for boys who love to look trendy while being comfortable. This modern garment is versatile, breathable, and lightweight. Whether you are lounging at home, attending a casual gathering, or enjoying outdoor adventures, shorts are perfect companions for a relaxed and memorable summer season.

Ensure you know how to style this timeless garment before purchasing one. You can enjoy men’s shorts online shopping in Pakistan at various reputable brands, UnderGuns being one of them. We are offering the best quality chino and cotton shorts for sale so you can steal the limelight wherever you go.


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