Shorts for Men: Exploring Different Styles and Lengths

Shorts for Men: Exploring Different Styles and Lengths

Shorts? Did you say shorts have unique styles?

Yes, we sure did!

Shorts have been an ignored article of men’s wardrobe but thanks to the 21st century that brings back all the old trends with a bang.  

The modern touch in men’s fashion is even introducing shorts as office wear. Yes, you heard it right. Good quality chino shorts paired with a button-down shirt makes ideal work clothes.

If you are still dragging your tennis shorts to coffee catch-ups, worry not. We are here with an insanely wide array of shorts for men to help you select the best one for your next event.


Styles of Men’s shorts 

Cargo Shorts

Cargo shorts are one of the most casual shorts popular these days. The garment comes with large-sized front pockets giving a baggy appearance. They give a laid-back look but are the coolest to be seen in.

Cargo shorts were first introduced as work shorts for construction workers. They still wore them for work with the pockets being functional for carrying items and tools. The item has now become a fashion staple for men’s casual wear. However, the baggy style doesn’t suit everyone’s personality. Also, it may not be the best thing to wear to the office.   

Chino Shorts

Chino shorts are typically knee-length or fall just below the knees. This makes them a great option for those who want summer freshness but won’t submit to tiny garments.

These short types are made with chinos fabric, a cotton twill highly breathable and lightweight. This material looks absolutely professional and neat. So, if you see someone in short in the office, it’ll probably be chinos.

Khaki, beige, olive, and similar pastel colors are the hues of shorts, adding to their formal nature. We enlist them as the perfect semi-casual men’s bottoms.  

Denim Shorts

It is safe to say that denim jeans shorts for men's are not worn much nowadays. They give the feeling that you emerged straight from the 90s.

Denim shorts are usually baggier and good for a street look. These deliver an immature aura to your personality which is what most men avoid. Nobody wears denim shorts these days. However, they may be a good attire option for kids and teenage boys.

Athletic Shorts 

Athletic shorts, also known as running shorts, are common among sportsmen. Gym guys also wear them for their long cardio sessions.

Athletics short for men in Pakistan are made keeping the summer hotness in mind. They are super flexible, lightweight, and airy for summer. The material is such that you won’t see a crease or dullness on it after hours of running. You can buy these for your morning jog sessions.

Bermuda Shorts 

Not a popular men's shorts in Pakistan, Bermudas are quite a thing in the West. These gained popularity during the World War era. Back in the time, they were also called dress shorts because these were considered the only best shorts for work.

Nowadays, you can see Bermuda shorts as the typical beach vacation attire. Most of the tourists on attractive world islands are in printed Bermuda shorts. They have a neatly stitched appearance and fall just above the knees. So, the next time you go for a summer vacation, make sure to pack a pair of Bermudas.

Swim Shorts 

Working as per its name, swim shorts are used when going for a swim. They are commonly used by professional swimmers. Swim shorts are very short in length so that the person feels lightweight underwater and is less bothered by clothes. They are made with a material that does not stick to the body after being wet.  

Getting Your Ideal Shorts 

The increasing popularity of shorts has made their sales skyrocket. That’s actually helpful as almost all men’s brands are now selling this unique item. However, if you want to look sophisticated just like you imagined, get mens shorts online from a quality garment manufacturer like Under Guns.

Under Guns is a men’s garment brand in Pakistan that offers a vast collection of shorts for men. We forward men shorts sale to benefit our audience with quality products at reasonable rates.

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