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Polo Shirts: Classic Style and Timeless Elegance

Men in polos are everywhere, whether it is a grocery store, the red carpet, or the royal palace. They are the epitome of elegance and class for all the gentlemen out there.

This men’s wear that started from the golf course is now around the world. Polos are even seen as streetwear staples, showing how much they have become common in every man’s life. These polo shirts for men are comfortable, durable, and suit most body types.

If your wardrobe is devoid of this exceptional piece, this article is for you. Let us take you on a voyage of polos and how influential are polo shirts for men.

What Classifies as a Polo Shirt?

A Polo shirt is the perfect balance between a formal dress shirt and a casual t-shirt. It is known by its collar, short sleeves, and a placket with two or three closely-bound buttons at the neck. These shirts are typically made of knitted cotton or polyester, both having ventilation properties. They are never too tight nor too loose, making them a perfect fit for most men’s bodies. 

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Men’s polo shirts have been a true game-changer in the sports world since introduced in the 1930s. Though the name “polo” associates it with the polo sport, these are more popular for tennis and golf. The fashion that started as sportswear is now the top choice for men’s semi-formal.  

Why Men Love Polo Shirts 

From Idris Elba and David Beckham to our very own Imran Khan, men truly love to be seen in polo shirts. Honestly, these shirts do justice to the style statement and aura of these men. Men’s polo shirts have all the qualities of a permanent wardrobe staple.

  • Versatile – Best for Indecisive Days 

Stuck between casual, formal, and semi-formal? Just pick a polo already!

These are casually formal and formally casual. In short, a polo fits all scenarios. Whether you are going to meet a friend, getting ready for lunch, or going to experience a sports spectacle, polo shirts are perfect for all outgoings.

  • Comfy – Relaxes Your Body 

Don’t choose between fashion and comfort, just select a polo shirt and enjoy both!

Their quality fabric makes them breathable and airy. Especially if you buy polo shirts for men from a quality supplier like Under Guns, you will feel the most comfortable in your skin. However, make sure you buy the right size for comfort.  

  • Timeless – Always in Trend  

If someone says polo shirts are trending nowadays, believe them. Do you know why? Because they are always in trend! Since they became more than just sportswear, they never went out of fashion. They look good on men of all ages, shapes, and sizes, no matter the timelines.

  • Durable – Good for Pocket and the Environment  

One great quality of polo shirts is their durable material. They are knitted such that it improves the resilience of the fabric. Buy one polo shirt, and it will last for seasons to come. This is why polos are better for a sustainable environment.

This quality also makes them cost-effective. Imagine buying a shirt and wearing it straight for three years! If that isn’t pocket-friendly, we don’t know what else is.

Polo Shirts Buying Guide 

Now that you know the pros of this timeless fashion article, it is essential to buy the best quality one. Polo shirts do not have many distinct categories like t-shirts, but knowing the right one is essential so you don’t purchase the first polo you see.  

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Find Your Perfect Fit

To find your fit, consider different factors like sleeve length, waist, and chest size. Always try the shirt before you purchase it and see if it fits. For those who buy polo shirts online, consider the size chart and cross-match it with your current body measurements.

Check the Fabric 

Most polos today are made with a blend of cotton and polyester, and they really are one-size-fits-all. The pure cotton ones are more breathable, but they tend to shrink. Besides, 100% polyester polos are only suitable for hot days or extreme activities. So, choose your fabric carefully per the occasion.

Choose Your Design

Most people go for polos with embroidered logos, and honestly, it looks neat. The screen-printed ones give a more informal look. As for the overall design, the striped and multi-color ones have become trendy among the youth, but they don’t match the class of plain polo shirts.  

Add Elegance to Your Shopping Cart! 

When you can find comfort, class, and style in one piece, why look any further? Men’s polo shirts are the true heroes that come to the rescue in every situation. The best benefits come with the right product, so make sure you purchase your article carefully.

To buy men’s polo shirts online, go for a reputable brand like Under Guns. We have the best range of polo shirts for men of all ages, including different styles and color combinations. So, clean your wardrobe and make space for some classy polo shirts to steal the show!

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