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How to Look Sharp at Work in Formal Outfits

Your workplace is the area where you are obliged to look decent and attractive. It helps you get attention from potential clients or your boss. When dressed right, people pay attention to your personality and take your ideas seriously.

There are dozens of clothing items to rock with casual shirts for men. Let’s first take a look at the formal clothing optimum for the work environment.

Smart Casual Office Wear 

From head to toe, we have you covered. Consider this list of clothing that must be a part of your professional attire.

  • Shirt

Formal or casual men’s shirts are specifically made for work. These cover your body completely and give you a gentlemanly, professional look. Formal shirts are available in button up and button down, the latter is more formal.

Most men think casual shirts only look good plain. It’s not completely true, but plain colors may be preferred in meetings. Get a couple of checkered or printed branded shirts online to add a little spark to your wardrobe. Polo shirts are another article of business attire for everyday work as well as off-work hours.

  • Bottoms

Straight cotton pants have become a staple of office wear. These look professional and give others a classical impression. Chino pants also work great for business activities. You can pair them with printed or checkered casual shirts for men.

The all-rounder denim makes it to the formal wear list too. You can choose any denim jeans color for work, but the traditional blue has its charm. Remember to choose only straight or a bit tight denim. Skip the street styler rugged, wide-legged, or cargo jeans.

  • Accessories 

Your work attire looks threefold better with the right accessories. You may already have them in your closet. Get a quality watch that is not too sparkly. A silver chain or leather strap watch is preferable.

You can add tie and cuff studs on meetings days, or even every day. Do not choose a graphical or colorful tie. Go with the plain colors contrasting with your suit or blazer. If needed, get a sturdy leather bag for your work files and tools.

  • Shoes 

Oxford, dress boots, and derby are the common formal shoes for men. Loafers are now also considered among the professional shoes. Look for black or brown color in these shoes as they look classical with every outfit. However, don’t hesitate to get a couple of bright-colored ones for special days.

You can also wear sneakers to work. It has now normalized! However, we recommend sticky to the above formal shoes in meetings and presentations.

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Tips To Look Sharp in Work Attire

Shop Casual:

Investing in casual clothing items like the ones mentioned above should be your priority. If you want to look sharp and classy, pay all your attention to it. Get those projects by making an impression with your casual garments. You will have plenty more to buy non-work clothes.

Skip Tees and Loud Graphics:

T-shirts with colors, statements, or loud graphics make you look like a kid. It gives the impression that you don’t have any regard for discipline or work ethics. Also, custom shirts or bottoms with prominent logos are a big no. So, better keep these shirts for your holiday activities.

Quality Over Quantity:

Always go for quality clothes for your professional closet. It doesn’t matter if you have five shirts or fifty. What matters is how classy you look with the right clothes. So, focus on buying less but high-quality apparel.

Dress Like What You Work:

Not everybody works in finance or as an engineer. Many people are artists, architects, writers, designers, and whatnot. Your designation or type of work can define what your clothing style should be. For example, construction workers can wear cargo pants to benefit from extra pockets. Similarly, fashion designers may wear loud and trendy clothes to showcase their designs.

Find Your Power Dress:

Like a power move, everybody has a power dress. It is the outfit that looks the best on you. For some people, it is colored suits. For others, it can be casual shirts and jeans. Find what get-up makes you look authoritative. Prefer it for important days when you must look your best.

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Dos And Don’ts for Formal Attire

  • Always change clothes before going to work
  • Iron clothes for a fresh look
  • Observe what your seniors wear and take an inspiration
  • Prefer plain shirts and bottoms in conferences and client meetings 
  • Always show up in formal wear for interviews
  • Invest in a couple of classical business suits
  • Be confident in your skin


Work and personal life are two totally different spaces for every person. At the office, you are supposed to look confident and committed, and that calls for the need for professional attire.

Many businesses are now moving towards casual clothing, but those in formals are still valued. Invest in the perfect professional attire to make a lasting impression at the workplace. Shop formal or casual shirts for men, wear your style, and don’t forget to keep your head high!

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