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Finding the Perfect Fit: Tips for Selecting Men's Briefs

The garments today have become more versatile than ever. Designers are making new things every day, and innerwear is not spared from the inventions. With so many types, varieties, and styles of briefs for men, finding the right one perfect for your body has become difficult. But fret not, Under Guns is here with a comprehensive guide for choosing men’s briefs.

Here are some valuable tips to ensure you're making the right choice for the first layer of clothing on your body. 

Wait... Boxers or Briefs? 

Okay, we know you have been meaning to ask this question; What’s better between boxers and briefs?

Well, none is better and none is worse. It’s all relative to your body, needs, and where you are going with it. You are a fan of comfort and breathability; your eyes may stop at boxers. These shorts-like underwear are loose, airy, and don’t stick tight with your thighs. Boxers are best for lounging and make excellent sleep underwear.

Cotton briefs for men

Briefs, on the other hand, are tight and body-fitting. They allow you to move freely, exercise, and sit however you want without any horror of exposing your privates. Men who love to flaunt their buttocks go for these form-fitting underwear, either standalone or under tight bottoms. Both boxers and briefs provide almost the same coverage, but if you are moving a lot, briefs’ no-show wins.

Other Types of Men’s Briefs 

Boxer vs. briefs is a common debate. However, if you are past it, there are still other underwear types that may be better or worse for you. Let’s see what are they and which ones can better suit your needs.

Boxer Briefs – Yes, it’s a mid-point between boxers and briefs. The boxer brief underwear is more stretchable, fitted, and better for coverage than boxers. That’s why it’s the favorite of most men.

Trunks – This underwear type has a very fitting, low rise, and short legs that prevent bunching of bulky thighs. It’s best for boys who don’t want a bit of their underwear to show.

Thongs – Just like female thongs, men’s thongs provide least of the coverage. It’s just a cover pouch put in place with strings. Thongs are best if you like to show off your perfect buttocks and thighs.

Finding Your Perfect Briefs for Men – Factors to Consider 

Now that you have selected your type, let’s see what else you need to know before your purchase. The below factors will help you find the best boxer briefs for men.

  • Fabric or Material

Common materials for men's briefs include cotton, modal, microfiber, and blends. The fabric you select will directly impact how comfortable you feel. Choose wisely. 

Cotton is the most preferred, natural fabric that is highly breathable. It’s perfect for hot days and daily wear. Modal is known for its softness and moisture-wicking properties, making it a great choice for active individuals. Microfiber is lightweight and ideal for a smooth fit. The blends usually involve cotton with a mixture of any of these, which covers most of the men’s needs.  

  • Size

Size was, and will always be, the most primary thing for garment shopping. It is similarly essential before shopping for innerwear for men.

Carefully measure your hip and waist size and find the right piece. When shopping online, always check the fitting guide to get your ideal size.

  • Fit and Seams 

Inspect the seams and stitching on the briefs you're considering. High-quality briefs for men will have flat seams or seamless designs to minimize irritation and chafing. Poorly constructed seams can lead to discomfort and even skin issues over time.

  • Waistband and Rise 

The right waistband is the one with perfect stretchability. It should be not too tight to dig into your skin, and not too loose to fall off. Its elasticity should be intact.

The height of the brief, or rise, can be a measure of support. The high rise provides maximum support for activities, the mid-rise is classic for daily use, while the low-rise gives a modest look.

  • Motive

Where you will be wearing your underwear is an important point to consider. If you just want a good lounging partner, cotton boxers are better for their high comfort level. For active guys and gym lovers, boxer brief underwear with a stretchable, moisture-wicking material is the best.   

  • Brand and Reviews 

This factor may be the most essential in your search for the best briefs for men. Different brands use different material quality, varied stitching techniques, and product comfort levels. Selecting a low-quality brand will get all your money wasted, or worse, you may develop a hatred for briefs.

To ensure no such thing happens, read buyer reviews of a particular brand. Check out their reputation and other services they’re providing. If you select a quality brand like Under Guns, you will not only get long-lasting products but also quick delivery and 24/7 support!

Why Shop from Under Gun’s Men's Innerwear Collection 

The innerwear we sell is made for all skin types which means you do not have to worry about the fabric reacting to sensitive skin. There are various types of men’s innerwear we sell online at affordable prices including Briefs, Boxers, and Vests.

We make sure our vests and boxer briefs for men are made with 100% Pure cotton so that they can be easily worn in harsh weather. Apart from being soft, these inner wears are a perfect fit as well. We have a variety of sizes available and you will find many style options in sizes as well. With the matter of quality being settled and comfort guaranteed, our customer service and buyer benefits will leave you in awe! 


To find the perfect pair of briefs for men, you have to start your search right. Begin with the type of underwear you want and consider all your options. Next, note down your size, and choose the rise and the material suitable for the best briefs for men.

Finally, check for the product’s quality and buy from a reputable men’s innerwear brand in Pakistan like Under Guns. Remember that investing in quality briefs is an investment in your daily comfort and well-being.

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