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7 Essential Denim Styles Every Man Should Own

 Denim is a style that never goes out of fashion and is here to stay. Whether you have casual weekend plans or are dressing up for a party, a perfect pair of denim can make you look stylish and trendy. Every man should own a few pairs of jeans, but which styles should be in your wardrobe? Here are 7 essential denim styles every man should own.

Classic Blue Jeans

Blue jeans are classic, and you cannot go wrong with them. They are the most versatile pair of jeans and can work with any outfit. Whether a white t shirts for boys or a button-down shirt, blue jeans will always look fantastic. When selecting the right blue jeans, choose a straight-leg style, as they offer a timeless look and are flattering on most body types. For casual weekends, team them up with white sneakers and a plain T-shirt. For a night out, wear a sports jacket, and you're ready.

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Dark Wash Jeans

The dark wash jeans offer a sophisticated look and go with everything. They are dressier than light-wash jeans and give you a polished finish. They are versatile; you can wear them to the office and with friends. Dark-wash jeans work with a variety of shirts and shoes. Wear them with a white button-down for a clean, crisp look, or experiment with a patterned shirt. For shoes, opt for dress shoes or loafers to complete the look.

Black Jeans

Black jeans pant is a must-have for any man's wardrobe. They are a great alternative to black pants and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Pair them with a leather jacket for an edgy look or a blazer for a more refined appearance. When choosing black jeans, go for a slim or skinny fit style, as they are flattering on most body types and give you a modern look. Black jeans work well with white sneakers or Chelsea boots for a stylish finish.

Distressed Jeans

These jeans pant are a must-have item in every guy's denim collection. The distressed look adds an edgy vibe to your outfit, giving a trendy flair. Distressed jeans are available in various styles, ranging from subtle rips to full-on distress. Paired with a plain white t-shirt and sneakers, distressed jeans can be a perfect casual look. Team up for an elevated look with a leather jacket, Chelsea boots, and a shirt. Find a distressed pair of jeans that fit you perfectly, and enhance your look.

Slim-fit Jeans

Slim-fit jeans became popular in the early 2010s and have remained a staple. They are perfect for men with leaner body types who want to showcase their slim physiques. Slim-fit jeans pair well with a simple t-shirt, formal shirt, blazer, or sweater. Experiment with different colors and washes to match your style. For a formal event, opt for a black or dark blue pair of slim-fit jeans paired with a crisp white shirt and leather shoes. Slim-fit jeans offer a sleek, modern look that can't go wrong in any fashion season.

Tapered Jeans

With their snug fit around the calves and narrowed hem, these jeans accentuate the legs to give a sleek appearance. Styling tapered jeans is a breeze as they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Running errands? Pair them with sneakers and a basic mens tees. Going out for a date night? Throw on some heels, a blouse, and a leather jacket for a look that says, "I'm effortlessly chic." Not only are tapered jeans stylish, but they're practical, too - their tapered hem makes them easy to tuck into boots or roll up for a more casual look.

Selvedge Denim

Selvedge denim is a premium, high-quality fabric stitched together on traditional looms. It results in a stronger, more durable fabric that lasts much longer. Selvedge denim is recognizable for its signature herringbone weave pattern on the out seam. Pair selvedge denim jeans with a plain t-shirt, sneakers, and a denim jacket for a casual look. Match it with a casual shirt, blazer, and leather shoes to elevate your outfit. Selvedge denim is a little expensive but is worth the investment since it will last longer and stand the test of time.

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Personalization and Experimentation

We all know that one pair of jeans just fits us like a glove. It's the pair we wear on repeat, and even though it's seen better days, we can't bring ourselves to throw it out. 

But finding that perfect fit can be daunting, especially with options ranging from high-waisted to flared. That's why personalization and experimentation are key when it comes to denim. 

Taking the time to figure out what fits your body best and what styles you gravitate towards ensures you'll feel confident in your outfit and saves you from the heartache of rejecting another pair of jeans that just didn't cut it. 

Who doesn't love trying on new styles and discovering new favorites?

How should men’s jeans fit?

Jeans should fit comfortably around your waist without being too tight or loose. They should also have the right length, so they should not be too long or too short. Regarding fit, there are three main styles; skinny, slim-fit, and regular fit. 

Skinny jeans fit tightly on the hips, thighs, knees, and ankles. Slim-fit jeans are slightly looser than skinny jeans but tight around the legs. On the other hand, regular-fit jeans are the most relaxed and roomiest of the three. 

So, it all comes down to personal preference, but as a rule of thumb, guys with thinner legs generally wear slimmer fits, while guys with thicker legs can go for regular-fit jeans.

What about distressed or ripped jeans?

Distressed or ripped jeans are a great way to add a touch of character to your outfit. However, it's important to be aware of the occasion you wear them to. If you head to the office, ripped jeans will not cut it. But they can be a cool and stylish choice if you're going to a casual event. When it comes to how distressing is too much, it depends on your style. Some guys prefer slight wear and tear, while others prefer a more rugged, distressed look. Whatever your choice, make sure the rest of your outfit is balanced to avoid looking scruffy.

How many jeans should a guy own?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question, but every man should have at least two pairs of jeans. One pair should be a darker wash, which can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. The second pair can be a lighter wash, which is perfect for a more laid-back look. 

Having two pairs of jeans is a great starting point, but you can always add more to your collection based on your lifestyle and preferences. Remember, denim jeans are a timeless classic, and investing in high-quality denim will ensure they last longer and become a reliable staple in your wardrobe.


Denim jeans is an ever-evolving fashion trend that never goes out of style. Men should have these three essential denim styles in their wardrobes for a fashionable look and the perfect look for almost any occasion. 

Distressed jeans add an edgy look, slim-fit jeans will show off your physique for an elevated look, and selvedge denim will leave a lasting impression. 

Master the art of pairing these three denim styles with other outfits, and you can create unique looks that will turn heads. Remember, with denim, your style is limited only by your imagination.

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