12.12 sale in pakistan

12.12 Sale on Under Guns: Men's Clothing Sale Up to 50% Off

If you haven’t shopped your heart out in the November sales then here's some good news for you! You can now shop from the 12.12 sale in Pakistan which happens every year on the 12th of December. This sale is even more exciting because it showcases entirely new stock in winter arrivals.

So this is your chance to get your hands on the latest arrivals in the market for the festive season and that too at discounted rates.

What is 12.12 Sale And How It Came Into Existence?

The concept of the 12.12 sale in Pakistan came into existence after the launch of online marketplaces in the country like Daraz. On an international level, a marketplace called Zalora started the trend in 2014 and many other South Asian online marketplaces picked up the trend. This has since then been known as the mega sale of the year. It is also called Black Friday or Singles Day of South Asians.

The Classic Men’s Clothing Fiesta!

A bumper offer for all the men out there is here! The 12.12 sale on men’s clothes is a great chance for you to buy the season's closet fillers. These sales are a great way to stock up for the winter season because they feature all the latest styles of the season on sale. You can buy that perfect shirt or denim you wanted to buy for winter at discounted prices.

These sales are up in different online marketplaces so you can visit as many stores online as you want and buy from the ones that provide great quality and online shopping services.

Why Is Under Guns A Top Market Place To Shop From?

If you’re a regular shopper at Under Guns you would know how easy and convenient it is to shop from them. They have a large variety of men's clothing that makes it a one-stop shop for shopping. The quality of the products is guaranteed which means you don’t have to worry about receiving faulty products.

Another great thing about shopping from online marketplaces such as this one is that your items are delivered to your doorstep. You don’t have to go to the shop to get them which saves time and money.

What Does The 12.12 Sale At Under Guns Have In Store For You?

The 12.12 Sale on men’s clothing consists of a lot of products for customers ti shop for themselves or to gift to loved ones. Some of the products include the following:


Classic denim jeans for sale include styles that come with variations in denim washes, pockets, cuts, and fits. There is a denim for everyone and this sale is a great chance to grab them at discounted rates.


These are life savers when it comes to dressing up for semi-formal to formal occasions. The fact that they are on sale is exciting enough for you to shop your heart out. They are a great option to pair with collared shirts and voila! You’re set for the day.


Your wardrobe is incomplete without shirts and this is why this is the best chance to buy shirts for boys for boys from the 12.12 sale. At this marketplace, you will find shirts of all kinds. From T-shirts to collared shirts and graphic tees, they have it all.


Is it even winter if you’re not wearing a hoodie? If you still haven’t shopped for your favorite hoodies yet, you can buy them from the hoodies section which will also be on discount for the 12.12 sale.

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